"Sensory perception for Kabar is a spiritual activity,
one that leads to a heightened awareness of both nature and
culture—this thought process points to a new kind of realism—
one that is engaged with the actual processes of life."

- Suzie Walsh, New York Arts Magazine

“I live in the moment; I think
in the moment, I create in the
moment. I call this the constant
presence. The constant presence
is a state of mind. Everything in
it is improvisation. Therefore it
cannot lie; it is always the moment
of truth”.

- Vivien Kabar
Bosporus Biennale
An exhibition for global integration, tolerance and humanity.

For global integration, tolerance and humanity - this is the theme of the Bosphorus Biennale, which opens on the 1st of September in Vienna, in the Kunstraum, Ringstrassen Galleries. Address: 1030 Vienna, Kärntnerring 9-13 Vernissage: 6:PM Durance of the exhibition: 01.09.32014-27.09.2014  Opening time: Mo-Sa from 10:AM till 7:PM

Peace Museum Vienna
Peace Museum Vienna

Exhibition: “Do NOT shut up!”  by Vivien Kabar

Beginning of the exhibition: 25.11.2014. 6Pm
Peace Museum introduces the museum and the exhibition.
Vivien Kabar talks about the reasons and backgrounds of the exhibition, 
including a few words to the new organization on facebook „Kunst gegen 
Gewalt” (Art Against Violence).
Austrian actress, Christa Kern reads the message of the artist, Werner 
Horvath. (written especially for this event by Werner Horvath)
Austrian Actress, Christa Kern reads from some of her poems about 
Music: Aisha E. & Oswin Schneider